Farwell, Winter...Hello, Spring!

This has been a really long and cold winter, with record snow falls and subzero temperatures.  For a mom with two small kids, it’s been especially difficult. 

We did try to make the best of it by getting out to play in the snow as much as we could, as long as it wasn’t too cold. Just as cabin fever was about to set in, glimpses of springs began showing up and giving us hope. 

Winter fruits

Rain and the beginning of the great meltdown


Tulips showing up at the markets 

As of last Thursday it’s officially spring, at least according to the calendar.  As the last of the gigantic snow piles melt the emerging landscape is mostly grey and bare, yet I remain hopeful. Surveying the yard last week, I began envisioning this year’s garden.  

We have big plans and I can’t wait to get started!  In addition to the yearly tomatoes, kale, collard greens, and herbs, we would like to plant cucumbers for the first time.  I also would like to try re-growing celery from a stalk...and those are just the vegetables. My husband has been working hard to maintain the grape vine, raspberry bushes, peach and pear trees, which were all very fruitful last summer.  We're hoping for same bountiful harvest this year as well.  I will keep you all posted on our progress…